Australian Distributor JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd Chooses FODS to Stop Boggy Mud

FODS is excited and proud to partner with Australia distributor, JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd is an Australia owned and operated company that supplies energy and infrastructure projects with innovative solutions to temporary access, ground support and platform needs. Established in 2003, JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd has regional offices in Singapore, Sydney, Melborne, Perth, and Brisbane.

JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd partnered with FODS because FODS Trackout Control System offers durable, reusable, and ecologically friendly stabilized construction entrances. FODS protects against ground contamination and destruction.

FODS Trackout Control System is a series of durable, yet flexible mats containing rows of alternating pyramids. The altenating pyramids separate tire lugs, causing mud to collect at the base of the mats before heavy equipment can trackout mud and debris from a worksite. FODS Stops the Mud!

FODS Mats can be configured for multiple entrance layouts and can be reused time and again. FODS were engineered to last well over ten years. FODS will not lose their effectiveness over time.

We proudly stand behind our manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on FODS Trackout Control System, contact us at 844-200-3637 or email us at Our team of specialists will be happy to help you out with your entrance needs.

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