FODS stands for Foreign Object Debris System.

The purpose and design of the FODS Trackout Control Mats are to effectively remove sediment from vehicle tires as they exit a disturbed land area onto a paved street.

The FODS Trackout Control Mats help sediment control by deforming the tire, spreading the tire lugs apart, depositing the dirt, rock, mud, or other sediment onto the mat. Tire lugs and/or treads will make contact differently with the pyramids’ various surfaces. As the tires roll across the mat, the pyramids will scrape, clean, deform, and wipe debris from the tires. Once the tires reach the street, they will be virtually clean from any material.

FODS mats are 12′ wide x 7′ long and are 430lbs.┬áThe mats are easily stackable and will not exceed the width requirements for highway transportation.

The FODS mats are transported to the construction site on a large truck or trailer. The mats will then be off loaded into place with a forklift or truck mounted boom or jib crane on the in situ soils. No excavation or disturbance of the existing soil is necessary. Once the mats are correctly situated in place, soil anchors can be installed through the mats to hold them into place. The Cable Earth Anchor or Form Stake can be manually torqued through pre-drilled holes in the FODS mat. We recommend providing a minimum of two anchors per mat.

FODS Trackout Control Mats can handle nearly limitless weight. Due to its construction from High Density Polyethylene, each pyramid on the FODS mat has a crush rating of over 20,000lbs. The smallest passenger vehicle tire will disburse it weight across a minimum of four pyramids at all times and the larger tires of a commercial vehicles with a rating of HS-25 will disburse their weight over a minimum of eight pyramids per tire. FODS has proven performance with over 250,000lbs. on a single mat.

We recommend using a Skid-steer broom attachment or a FODS Shovel (specifically designed to scoop between pyramids). Other options include a Street Sweeper (requires adjusted bristle head), Pressure Washer (must have ability to contain water), or a Water Truck (must have ability to contain water).

Construction Sites, Airports, State and Local Governments, Agriculture, Forestry Access road, Oil/Gas, Energy, Telecommunication, and Mining are all in need of the FODS Trackout Control System every day. Contact FODS today for a quote!