FODS at IECA Texas Stormwater Conference

FODS Trackout Control System exhibits TODAY, September 24th – 26th , at Texas Stormwater Conference in Grapevine, Texas.

IECA Texas Stormwater Conference is the first event of its kind, designed to provide a comprehensive look into stormwater regulations under the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES). Education in Industrial Stormwater, Construction Stormwater, and Stormwater Programs for MS4s issues will be offered.

FODS mats help combat MS4s issues!

Come check out one of the newest advancements in erosion control and stormwater protection technology, that works to stop dirt, mud, and other types of debris from being tracked out of sites and being deposited into the stormwater system!

FODS Trackout Control System is environmentally friendly, completely re-usable, recyclable, transportable and eliminates the need for wasteful use of rock and geo-fabric associated with typical stabilized construction entrances.

FODS matting (a collection of mats) are often considered as construction site mats, used as a temporary construction entrance or construction exit, in place of rip-rap erosion control or wheel wash systems, but can be used by all heavy equipment industries. FODS is made from a durable polymer that allow it to withstand weight in excess of 250,000 lbs.

To find out more about FODS Trackout Control Mats, contact us at 844-200-3637.

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