FODS Durability

FODS Trackout control mats have already been shown to be drastically more effective at removing mud, dirt, and rocks from tires, and preventing rocks from ending up in the road. But many people wonder how a FODS mat performs in a heavy use setting. 

Engineered stress testing has found that FODS Trackout Control mats are designed to withstand over 1,000,000 passes of vehicles with an HS-25 vehicle.

This video shows how one of our FODS trackout control systems starts every day in Phoenix on one of the largest highway projects in the country. The FODS Trackout Control system at this crossing sees roughly 100-million pounds of traffic on a daily basis, a true example of the durability of FODS mats. 

Thank you to Border Construction Specialties and Connect 202 Partners for using FODS on your project. 

Contact FODS to learn how we can be your trackout control solution.  

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