FODS Gives Industries an Opportunity to Experience a Reusable Construction Entrance at CalCon Expo July 18-19, Anaheim Booth 312

The California Construction Expo is a two day exposition that is attended by construction professionals seeking the latest advancements in construction technology and work with government sectors.

FODS will be on hand to give contractors an opportunity to view and experience FODS Reusable Trackout Control Construction Entrance.

FODS Trackout Control Construction Entrances reduce fugitive dust and debris associated with infrastructure project entrances and help combat worksite fines.

FODS Mats can be configured to any entrance and meet SWPPP requirements.

Engineered stress testing has found that FODS Trackout Control mats are designed to withstand over 1,000,000 passes of vehicles with a HS-25 rating. FODS Trackout Control Mats has proven performance with over 250,000lbs on a single mat.

FODS Trackout Control offers rapid installation to ensure on-time project completion and within budget. FODS Trackout Mats can be set up in roughly 30 minutes, require minimum maintenance and can be used on multiple substrates.

FODS Mats are chemically resistant to acids, oils, and other fluids, while offering protection to the ground underneath.

FODS mats are 12′ wide x 7′ long and are 430lbs. The mats are easily stackable and will not exceed the width requirements for highway transportation.

Contact our team of specialists for more information, specifications or a quote at or 844-200-3637.

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