FODS, LLC. Exhibits at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Conference May 14-15 Austin, Texas

The ETFC is Texas’ premiere environmental education forum. The ETFC conference offers education on pollution prevention programs in air pollution, water pollution reduction, waste reduction programs.

Runoff from construction sites is the largest source of sediment pollution in urban stormwater systems. Erosion and sediment control plans are mandatory under ordinances enacted to protect water resources.

FODS Trackout Control System meets BMP regulations and offers a highly efficient way to eliminate nonpoint source pollution through surface stabilization.

The shape of the FODS pyramids effectively deform the tires of heavy equipment and passenger vehicles without damaging the tire. Dust and debris fall to the base of the mats. The mud stays at the base and does not come in contact with the tires of subsequent vehicles preventing track out from leaving a worksite.  

FODS mats offer a completely reusable, practical, economical, multiple configuration, lightweight, eco-friendly, fast installation alternative to traditional stabilized entrances. FODS mats are 100% Made In the USA and out of completely recyclable material.

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