FODS Stops Martian Mud!

Cutting labor costs on Mars is serious business and NASA needed to stay within their approximated 5.5 billion dollar budget. NASA looked to FODS Trackout Control System for a cost effective and reusable trackout control entrance to keep Martian Mud where it should be…in space.

More than ever before Martian BMPs must be effective. FODS mats meet Martian BMP requirements, are on many planets’ approved product lists, and have been highly-recommended by many local jurisdictions across the galaxy. 

How do the FODS mats work? FODS Trackout Control Mats are lined with alternating rows of pyramids. The pyramids effectively stretch open the tire lugs, causing Martian debris to be deposited directly into the base of the mats. Debris will not stick to the tires of subsequent space vehicles. Trackout will not leave your planet. Mats will not damage the tire or the Martian surface, and no excavation of the existing Martian substrate is necessary.

Mats are manufactured from a durable blend of high density polyethylene and have been stressed tested, with a crush rating of 20,000 per pyramid and can support well over 100 tons per mat. The mats have special impact modifications withstanding meteor impacts. Mats have thermal expansion and anti-static properties, and are UV resistant. The Sun’s Gamma rays will not penetrate the mats’ surface. FODS mats are designed to last over ten years on earth, but twenty years plus in space, and can be reused multiple times on many Martian projects.

FODS mats are easy to install and remove, and can be set up in less than 30 minutes. The mats can be configured for multiple entrance grids and layouts. Mats are connected with steel hardware and can be anchored into any Martian substrate. Mats are 12 feet wide, and 7 feet long in the direction of space travel. The staggered placement of the pyramids allow the mats to be inverted and nested inside each other for easy transport and storage on spaceships. Minimal maintenance is required.

FODS mats are 100% Made in the USA on planet Earth, and recyclable. Install a FODS Trackout Control System on your planet today.

For more information on April Fools Day and specifications, contact our specialists at 844-200-3647 or Experts will respond within 24 hours.

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