FODS Stops The Mud on I-294 in the Windy City

FODS Trackout Control System was recently deployed by Old Veterans Construction (OVC) as part of the ongoing reconstruction and widening project on I-294 under taken by Illinois Tollway Board of Directors and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). 

Due the the ongoing nature of the project which requires the work to be done in multiple phases, over 60 separate stabilized construction entrances will be needed over the course of the project.  This type of project is an ideal candidate for a manufactured trackout control device

The multi-phase nature of this project allowed Old Veterans Construction to benefit from the reusability and effectiveness of FODS Trackout Control System. Due to the speed and ease of installation, OVC is able to install FODS Mats where needed for the completion of a segment, and then move the system to other areas of the project for use again and again. 

FODS Trackout Control is a replacement for traditional rock stabilized construction entrances. FODS Patented design uses staggered pyramids to mechanically remove mud, dirt, and rocks from vehicle tires, preventing tracking from work sites.

Contact FODS to learn more about how our new, innovative, and durable trackout control system can be a simple and cost effective solution for your construction site.

Thank you to Old Veterans Construction and Brock-White for your help on this project. 

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