FODS Trackout Control Mats at Clean Water Contractor Expo, Erie County Fairgrounds, Sandusky, Ohio, February 28, 2019

FODS LLC. will be at the Clean Water Contractor Expo to present our Trackout Control Mats- the new industry standard for a superior cost-effective and environmentally friendly, trackout prevention worksite entrance.

The Clean Water Contractor Expo, sponsored by Erie Conservation District and Coastal Training Program of Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve, focuses on effectively communicating local and state stormwater management regulations and cost-effective compliance products. The Clean Water Contractor Program seeks to publicly recognize companies that pledge to be a Clean Water Contractor, and encourage local municipalities and others to invest in the publicly recognized companies and products.

FODS Trackout Control entrance mats minimize fugitive dust, debris, and particles from entering stormwater runoff and help prevent erosion, while protecting the ground underneath from disturbance and contaminants. FODS Trackout Control System keeps production crews in compliance with state, local, and federal storm water protection and trackout control regulations.

FODS Trackout Control Mats meet consumers needs by saving them valuable time and money, and are a practical solution as a temporary construction exit. FODS trackout mats are extremely durable, easily transportable, designed for years of use, made in the U.S., and allows rapid installation, removal and reuse.

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