FODS Trackout Control Mats — Efficiently Eliminating Airport Debris

Safety is the number one concern at any airport. Foreign object debris (FOD) poses a significant risk when it comes to the safety of airport and airline personnel. FOD is also is the reason for over $4 billion a year in damage to aircraft and airport equipment. With so much expansion and service access points around airports, the risk for loose debris, dirt and more is dramatically increased. FODS Trackout Mats are an efficient and easy way to reduce foreign object debris on airport grounds. 

An Effective and Efficient Solution

FODS Trackout Mats offer an effective and efficient solution for reducing debris. The unique design of the mat will spread the tire lugs of any vehicle apart which wipes,deposits and leaves dirt, rock or any other sediment on the mat rather than around the airport. The various sizes and shapes of the mats will adapt to the wide variety of tires that drive over runways and taxiways. This process virtually cleans any material from tires. Typical track out solutions tend to be ineffective, wasteful and just don’t get the job done. 

Cost Effective

Typical track out material is expensive and inefficient when installing they also can only be used once and are then thrown away. These systems require extra time to dig out and often still leave sediment on tires which tracks over runways and tarmacs. FODS Trackout Mats can be moved around the airport and repeatedly used so that the highest traffic areas are getting the attention they deserve. This saves airports and airlines thousands in material costs. 

The FAA requires daily FOD checks which are performed by the airport and airline personnel, eliminating as much debris as possible from construction site and landslide airport entrances will help make inspections more efficient and error free. This will lessen the risk of FOD related accidents around airports. For more information on FODS Trackout Mats visit

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