FODS works with Lennar to prevent construction site trackout in Fremont, CA

FODS is thrilled to be working with Lennar Homes at their new Innovation project in Warm Springs / South Fremont region of California. With a location directly off the 880 Freeway and bordered by Tesla Motors manufacturing plant, Innovation is near the heart of Silicon Valley, and is one of the most anticipated and watched developments in the Bay Area of California.

Due to the high publicity and importance of this project, maintaining a site which minimizes the environmental impact and effect on the current residence of the area is extremely important. Part of this focus includes ensuring that construction site mud, dirt, and debris is not tracked out from the site on to public roads or deposited into the storm water system.

By replacing a traditional TC-1 constructed of rock and fabric with the FODS trackout control system, comprised of environmentally friendly, re-usable composite mats, Lennar ensures that the drivers of Fremont do not experience construction site track-out and do not have to worry about the danger posed by rocks being tracked out on to highways.

Additionally, due to the extreme durability and longevity of the FODS system, the use of a composite trackout control mat prevents hundreds of cubic yards of rock from being sent to a landfill over the course of the five year project, saving money for Lennar and a win for the environment.

Contact FODS to learn how incorporating our trackout control system into your BMP’s can ensure that The Mud Does Stop Here: or 844-200-3637

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