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Finally, a way to prevent trackout and costly offsite debris fines. We all know the frustration of maintaining traditional rock track out entrances. At first only loose rock “scrapes” the tires, but after multiple vehicle passes the rock gets compacted and becomes ineffective. FODS engineers understood this frustration, and created a superior long term solution to meet your needs.

FODS Trackout Control Mats are constructed from a highly durable plastic and placed at the entrance to worksites. The mats contain alternating rows of pyramids that are specifically shaped and dimensioned to deform and separate the lugs of tires. Separating the lugs causes mud, rocks, dust, and other debris to fall to the base of the mat. The mud stays at the base and does not come into contact with the tires of subsequent vehicles preventing track out.

FODS Trackout Control Mats are extremely long lasting, and can be reused on multiple projects. FODS Mats are economical, practical, and save resources. The mats are manufactured using a proprietary blend of durable, UV resistant, anti-static High Density Polyethylene with special impact modifications and thermal expansion accommodations. The mats have proven performance through stress testing with no failures. Mats can withstand 1,000,000 passes and 250,000 lbs. per mat and outperform traditional stabilized entrances. Each pyramid has a crush rating of 20,000 lbs. We proudly stand behind our product and manufacturer’s warranty.

FODs Trackout Control Mats can be configured in multiple ways and can be installed in roughly 30 minutes. FODS Mats are 12’ wide and 7’ long in the direction of travel. FODS Mats are connected with steel straps and can be anchored to any type of surface or substrate. The mats are lightweight and can easily be moved, removed, and relocated to the next worksite. The design of the pyramids also allow for the mats to be inverted and nested together for easy stacking, storage, and transport.

FODS Trackout Control Mats meet BMP and SWPP code compliant requirements by local jurisdictions. FODS Mats are easy to clean, require minimal maintenance, and their yellow color make them highly visible entrances. FODS Mats are 100% Made in the USA, and are 100% recyclable.

We’ve got the right solution for your industry! Never buy another truckload of rocks again.

We are committed to our customer care. We will find the best option for you. Contact our specialized team for more information on our mats, on-site installation, or to request a quote, email us at  info@getfods.com or call us at 844-200-3637.

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