The FODS Trackout Control Mats provide many advantages and benefits as a replacement to traditional stabilized construction entrances. These benefits make FODS an excellent fit for use in a wide range of industries, environments, and customers.

Stabilized Construction Entrance in Downtown Charlotte, NC

Urban / High rise Construction Sites

Cities around the world continue to expand and often, this expansion is upward. As more and more construction projects take place in crowded urban environments, with limited space for a long stabilized construction entrance, a compact FODS entrance can be an excellent choice to solve this problem.

On urban projects, the construction entrance exits directly onto busy city streets and sidewalks, where the tracking of dirt, mud, and rock instantly effects traffic and/or pollutes stormwater runoff. 

To eliminate these concerns, many of the largest builders and general contractors are turning to FODS to address stabilized construction entrance, vehicle tracking control pads, or TC-1 issues, and prevent construction site trackout. 

Highway & Heavy Civil Construction

The civil and heavy construction sector has been one of the largest users of the FODS Trackout Control Mats.  FODS understands that civil and heavy construction projects demand quality and innovative products. FODS offers rapid installation to ensure on-time project completion and within budget. 

FODS durability, ease of use and effectiveness, have proven to be the best replacement for traditional stabilized construction entrances on many of the largest construction projects throughout the United States.

Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit TC-1 CalTrans in La Jolla, CA

Energy Production Access Road trackout mats in Weld County, CO

Oil/Gas, energy services, and Logging industry

Energy production takes crews to all corners of the world. FODS Trackout Control System is the environmentally friendly, effective trackout control mat which keep production crews in compliance with state, local, and federal storm water protection and trackout control regulation.

With the stabilized construction entrance often only required for 3-6 months on new oil well sites, the ability to install and remove the FODS Trackout Control System in less than an hour, makes it ideal solution for access roads.

With a 10yr+ product life, provides an excellent ROI for Oil & Gas Energy Firms while keeping sites in compliance.