Kraemer North America uses FODS to Stop Erosion on $20.4 Million Dollar Sinking US 36 Highway Emergency

Kraemer North America is the contractor CDOT chose to handle emergency repairs of sinking eastbound U.S. 36. The project will cost CDOT $20.4 million to repair.

This stretch of highway between Denver and Boulder was newly constructed 5 years ago, but soil composition underneath the highway was not taken into account when the highway was built.

The highway collapse was due to saturated clay from heavy rains. Large chunks of concrete broke away from the concrete retaining wall under the highway. Kraemer is working to reconstruct and replace this stretch of highway.

Kraemer chose FODS as the Reusable Construction Entrance to their emergency highway repair site. Kraemer needed a stabilized construction entrance that was fast, easy to install and would not disturb the ground underneath.

FODS Trackout Control Mats can be placed on top of any substrate and can be installed in roughly 30 minutes.

Kraemer placed FODS directly on their gravel entrance to the US 36 Sinking Highway Repair Site. FODS mats have helped to mitigate dust, erosion, and trackout to nearby Old Wadsworth Boulevard.

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