New FODS Distributor Border Construction Specialties

Border Construction Specialties bring the FODS Trackout Control System to the Arizona and New Mexico market. Border Construction Specialties, has been a trusted supplier of construction materials to contractors throughout the southwest for over 70yrs. 

With the introduction of the FODS Trackout Control mat, Border Construction Specialties continues a tradition of bringing the most cutting edge and innovative products to their customers

The FODS Trackout Control mat is a 7’x12’ composite mat which is used to replace traditional stabilized construction entrances build with geo-fabric and rock. The patented design of the pyramids have been proven to be drastically more effective at preventing construction site trackout, while also reducing the creation of dust, or the risk of rocks being tracked onto the road. 

Border Construction Specialties and FODS are already in using solving contractors construction site trackout issues from Tucson to the Connect 202 Highway project in Phoenix. 

Contact Border Construction Specialties to learn more about how FODS can be a solution for your site. 

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